Our Story 

Nomad Chilli Co, founded in July 2022, is a small-batch, handcrafted fermented Hot Sauce producer, based in Ballarat, Australia.

Having spent the last 4 years as the head chef of a highly regarded Latin restaurant, it was apparent to me that the hot sauces we were importing, although authentic in flavour, were unnatural and loaded with unnecessary ingredients and preservatives.

My aim was to produce a line of authentic tasting hot sauces using a natural fermentation process to enhance their depth of flavour.

Using recipes I had learned whilst travelling through South America in 2017, I set about experimenting with a mix of local ingredients and the best imported chillis I could get my hands on. After 6 months of testing several fermentation processes and cooking methods we had the basis for our first sauce: 'Habanero & Mango Roja'. The sauce was huge a hit amongst friends and family, selling out within the first 2 weeks.

From there we have increased our line of products and our signature trio of Latin sauces is available at multiple wholesalers as well as being shipped Australia wide through various online outlets.

Moving forward we have a new trio of sauces in the works, with an emphasis on native Australian bush ingredients, as well as some rubs and marinades also in the testing stages.

Whatever happens in the future, we promise to continue producing delicious small batch handmade hot sauces with uncompromising attention to detail and flavour, whilst providing exceptional customer service. That is our guarantee.